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Engaged Sweeper
In Lansweeper Version 5 I had the access to the web page configured so that any validated domain user could see all assets and run the basic actions. In addition some specific users also had access to the configuration menu and the enhanced actions.

I fail to configure Lansweeper 6 the same way. I have created a role that sees the assets with basic actions. And when I assign this role to an account it works fine. But I really don't want this to be a manual and regular process.

How can I define the default view for everybody? The page that comes up per default with no access to the assets and with reference to the Helpdesk System (that we have completely disabled) is of no use for us.

Thanks a lot for your help!
Engaged Sweeper
That indeed did the trick 🙂

Thanks a million!
Champion Sweeper III
You can click on the green globes in the roles table on the Configuration -> User Access & Roles page. This will allow you to link Active Directory or Windows groups and users to a role, just like in version 5. Doing this will override roles individually set for users.