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Engaged Sweeper II
Currently there is a built-in installer in the Software Deployment-functionality, for upgrading Lansweeper silently on remote servers. When checking the command for doing this, you can see some flags after lansweepersetup.exe (/notools, etc) . I was wondering if there is more documentation about the available flags?

Due to historical reasons, we have a lot of dual-homed pc's, which interconnect our main network to many separate smaller networks. Therefore we need a lot of scanning-servers. We would be very interested in being able to perform a silent-install for new scanning-servers. Is there any option to add something like a .inf-install file which contains the install-parameters for our setup?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
It would indeed be useful, personally I don't have a full list of supported install commands. If you want to experiment you can try the commands here:

However, I don't know which ones work or don't work or any of the variables. I'll try and find some more info but I can't promise anything.

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