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Engaged Sweeper
I have a machine on our network that LanSweeper is reporting my credentials as logged at x time in when It isn't. The times noted all coincide with a LanSweeper active scan.

The machine hasn't been logged into by it's regular user since I serviced it last.

After sifting through Event manager security logs outside of service accounts scanning the machine there has been no user logging into this machine since my login more than a month prior.

So my current assumption is LanSweeper is pulling last user that had logged on even though they are not currently logged on every time it does a scan. The question is why? There are other machines that have similar up time with no users logged on and it isn't reporting them as being logged in every time it scans.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I assume you are talking about the "Last user:" field on the asset's summary page. This field displays the last logged on user during a scan. This means that if you were the last user which was logged on during a scan. You name will be displayed. During a scan Lansweeper will check who is currently logged on. If it finds a value, it will update the Last user field. If no user is logged on, the field will not be altered.