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Engaged Sweeper
Good morning everyone, I’ve been using the free version of Lansweeper since the full trial expired some months ago. We have under 100 assets (85) and I’ve been trying to make a deployment for Windows updates. The problem that I am experiencing is that it seems the deployment function doesn’t do anything. I’ve ensured that the deployment requirements are met and followed the steps to create a simple message deployment package, but when I hit deploy nothing happens. I’ve tried using scanning credentials and the logged in user, it seems to make no difference. In the web interface nothing gets logged under Deployment->Installer logs. No errors or anything. It is like the command just gets lost in the ether.

The only error messages I’ve seen are in the errorlog which I attached part of. There are several “INFO Warning - License Key is not authorized” errors even though I am below 100 assets.

Is it possible the licensing error is related to deployments not working? And is there a way to remove the expired licenses to the free version?

Licensing Page

2019-09-12 13:34:15,120 [6] INFO License: Trial version (Unauthorised), FullTrial, 87 licensed assets
2019-09-12 13:34:15,205 [Listen] INFO Using existing SSL certificate. ThumbPrint: 5CB2FEAF0ECC3E0D83A6C8D9B69F0ADACCC5B2AE
2019-09-12 13:49:06,519 [102] INFO Warning - License Key is not authorized
2019-09-12 14:04:07,942 [116] INFO Warning - License Key is not authorized
2019-09-12 14:19:12,503 [58] INFO Warning - License Key is not authorized
2019-09-12 14:34:13,683 [100] INFO Warning - License Key is not authorized
Champion Sweeper II