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Engaged Sweeper
If the Architecture has
Windows Servers, LINUX, UNIX, MAC, STORAGE and Multiple devices over the network?
Engaged Sweeper II
One issue with SNMPv3 is Lansweeper doesn't have a 'Context' field, so any devices that that requires one will not be able to be scanned.

We found this to be a problem with all HP printers. Right now they can only be scanned with v1/2. We tested this with HP's Jet Direct print manager and Kali, both were able to scan them with v3 as they provided a context field.

SNMPv3 does work great with other devices though and is excellent on scanning APC UPS and Eaton UPS.

Also, we've had issues scanning ESXi host on v6.5 and are working to resolve that as it previously worked with out issue via the MOB.
Champion Sweeper
Windows (Admin) Credentials = windows machines (Try to make a service account and deny interactive login)

Linux/Unix = local account (SSH) doesn't have to be SUDO/admin but you get more info that way I believe

Switches/Routers = SNMP Credentials (I suggest Read-Only credentials)

Printers = SNMP (usually default PUBLIC works unless they've specifically been set to use something different)

Phones = SNMP (usually default works)

DVRS, SANS, Cameras, PDU's, Alarm Systems/Door panels = usually SNMP - though may have to enable on devices

VMWare Hosts (Not VCenter, but it scans hosts) = local account made on host (SSH)

Apple - Local SSH account, like Linux/Unix - though SSH has to be enabled on the computers (its usually not)

that's all I can think of off the top of my head

I generally, once I have scanned the switches, look at the ports on them, and if there are just MAC addresses on the ports, versus an asset, I know I've missed some stuff (as well as scanning errors but viewing the switches helps me see it graphically)

Champion Sweeper III
Lansweeper also uses SSH for linux & mac computers
Champion Sweeper II
lansweeper is capable scanning thru WMI & SNMP protocols.. not sure how much SSH capabilities can read.