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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all,
I am a first time user for lansweeper, installed the trial version in Windows 10 system and run it for collecting my domain's info.
The LAN consists of 2 windows domains sharing the same physical network but aren't connect eash other. The DHCP though is the same for all network clients.

The network consists of multible Cisco managed switches and a number of dump switches across it.
Firewall and router is provided by Fortigate.

In about 15' of the scanning process the entire network went down.
The internet was unreachable and the local servers as well. Ping to was lossing 80%
After I unplugged the system running the software and restarted the core switches and firewall the network went up again.

So I am asking for support in this matter
What was the fault?

Thank you

Kostas P
Remote Support for
Nutrimedical Pharmaceuticals
Clinical Nutrition, Medical Devices and Nutritional Supplements