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Engaged Sweeper
Hey Lansweeper Community,
I'm on the way to push out the new LSAgent within my infrastructure but still have a few questions left. One of them is, how LSAgent will behave in roaming-clients scenarios. Let's say I have 2 locations: London and Berlin; connected via secured internal but vey bandwidth limited channel. Both locations get the LSAgent installed (with the appropriate scanserver switch set during installation). What will happen if a client travels from London to Berlin?

Is there any location-awareness built-in? Or will it straightforwardly try to connect to the London scanserver? Will it fallback to the cloud feature if the response times are too bad? Or will it try to find the closest scanserver in the first place, hence connect to Berlin?

Thanks for your help! BR, luke
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Hi Luke,

There are currently no geolocation functionalities. Since you seem to be using a direct server connection, the assets will always try to use the direct connection first. Should this connection fail, then LsAgent will attempt to use the relay.

In Lansweeper you can configure which scanning server are used for which LsAgent asset group. You can also configure which scanning servers are backups in case the primary scanning server can't connect to the cloud relay.
Engaged Sweeper
Charles.X wrote:
In Lansweeper you can configure which scanning server are used for which LsAgent asset group.

Thanks for your reply Charles, but does that mean, that the direct-server connection as provided during LSAgent installation is then overwritten by the configuration made via LSAgent groups? And if yes, what if I assign all scanning servers to an LSAgent asset group? Will LSAgent only reach out to the relay server in case it wasn't able to contact any of the configured servers? That wouldn't be real location awareness, but may be sufficient for our purposes...

Thanks again, luke