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Champion Sweeper
So, taken from another post (I don't have the link at the moment) I found a way to reset the LsAgent service and INI file when making the install of LsAgent a part of a master image to deploy to all PCs.

Basically, once an image is applied to a new PC, you disable the LsAgent service, delete the INI LsAgent creates, restart the service and the INI is recreated upon restarting of the service - thereby updating the INI with that new PCs information rather than the master image's info. This works fantastic, 100% of the time with our Win7/8.1/10 Pro 64-bit builds.

However, I've run into the first issue with this: on a Win10 Pro, 32bit machine. I can disable the service, delete the INI file and re-enable the service, but the INI file does NOT recreate. I have to reboot each time to get it to recreate, but when it does, it doesn't reach out to our cloud relay, nor does it talk to our scanning server. I can ping the 32-bit machine, I can remote desktop into it; it resolves its DNS name properly on the network and can ping both name and IP of the scanning server. The local Windows firewall is down on the 32-bit machine. But for some reason it refuses to communicate through the LsAgent INI.

All procedures have either been as local Admin, domain Admin and "run as" admin (both local and domain).

Am I missing something?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
There have been some issues with Win 7 32-bit machines, but this should not extend to Win 10. I would make sure to download the latest LsAgent here:

Otherwise send an email to support.