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LsAgent 8.3.100 Testing Signup

Hi all, We’ve been working hard on implementing some of the recent scanning fixes into our scanning agent LsAgent. To check if we’ve got everything right, we’re looking for people to try out this new version on some devices. What does this new versio...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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scanning intune

Hello, Yesterday I followed the steps to be able to scan Intune.This morning I checked my phone in Lansweeper and there was a Intune tab.I could see al the data, imei and IntuneID for example.When I came back later, the Intune tab was gone from my ph...

efriggen by Engaged Sweeper
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MFA integration

Does the cloud platform currently support MFA/Two Factor authentication (either built-in or third-party such as DUO)? If not, is it on the road map with a tentative release date? We would love to use the cloud platform but MFA is a requirement for ex...

pmbAtVU by Engaged Sweeper
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Admin Right

Hi guys,I have one question:- For example some companies don’t want to use local Administrator/Lsagent on the target machine. They want to create specific user in Active directory and to give step by step rules where will can scan all PC in their env...

a_bulat by Engaged Sweeper
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