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Champion Sweeper II

It would be nice if you could tell lspush to just send directly using its own SMTP direct to a smtp server instead of trying to use the email client locally.
sometimes you may not have one available.

Engaged Sweeper
HI danielm!

I am trying to run this script but when I run I received the error message below:

Error: smtp.c (494) - Could not open file for reading: (No such file or directory)
Mail sent successfully

I received the email but without the attachment file.

Can you please help me?
Champion Sweeper II
as an answer to my own question, a workaround I now use is a standalone SMTP exe and a batch file and lspush

@REM This file will email the generated data file needed for Lansweeper.
@REM File name will be
lspush.exe /folder .
mailsend -d -smtp -t -f -sub "LANSWEEPERDATA servername" -a ",application/octet-stream,a " -M "LANSWEEPER DATA ATTACHED"


then just make a SCHEDULED task if you want to generate this every day and email from unreachable servers 🙂

lspush.exe is the file from the premium version

mailsend.exe is
Version: @(#) mailsend v1.14
Copyright: GNU GPL

google or try this link maybe