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Engaged Sweeper
At the one location I support finally has the approval to move from Skype to Microsoft Teams. I'm working on a deployment package for Teams_windows_x64.msi and keep hitting this one hiccup. If I deploy via Lansweeper whether it's the MSI Installer or Command Action, Teams Machine Wide installer will not appear in Programs and Features. If I run the same MSI manually the entry will show up. Tried this on a few machines with the same results.

I'm intending on leveraging reports in Lansweeper to look for the Teams Machine Wide Installer and run the deployment if it's not present on the system. The deployment task does run and is successful, the programs and features entry is not present. The Teams execatble files are present at c:\program files (x86)\Teams Installer\Teams.exe.

Has anyone else had this same problem? Is there a option I need to add to the syntax or deployment task?

Same result if done via local or network as well.
Honored Sweeper
We were using the Teams Machine Wide Installer, however noted that it doesn't install for a user to use until after an additional reboot. Eg it installs when they log in but not available until after that. We have our O365 updated to include teams and if you run the latest updates on monthly channel it installs anyway.
Engaged Sweeper II
From my experience, Teams has to be installed in the User context, using the currently logged on user. It lives within the C:\Users\<username>\AppData area.

There is a way to "pre-deploy" Teams to each computer, then when a user logs in, Teams' own installer will install it within their profile. This is a Microsoft install technique, not a Lansweeper feature. I tried the MS trick on a few machines, and found it to be clunky. I have Teams installing/updating via login script and via Teams, but using the "Currently Logged On" Run Mode.
Champion Sweeper
Side-bar question but is there a reason why your aren't just updating your Office install to include Teams?