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Engaged Sweeper
Can anyone help me with how to use the ImportAssets template? I downloaded it to add assets, but can't find any help in Community or Support about how to use the template.

I found this reply to a question from June, 2014: "It is possible to import assets from a csv file. You can read on page 112 of our documentation how to do this. You can download our documentation from"
But that link does not lead to documentation! It only takes you to the Lansweeper download page 😞

This article: doesn't help me learn how to populate the fields in the document. I don't understand why a few of the fields have duplicate information filled in for 100 rows worth. Does this template have to be manually filled in? What do the worksheets labeled Assets, OScodes and States mean (in the template)?

We are using Lansweeper I'm pretty frustrated.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
The import template is indeed meant for manual import of assets. Some columns are already filled in as they are likely to remain the same for most assets.

The worksheets are used to provide the option to quickly select an asset type, OSCode and Asset State for the assets when adding assets to the template. It also provides the ability to add more options to these fields.

Basically, you'll want to add the information of all the assets you want to import (each asset has one row) and save it as a .csv file. Once saved you can import it into Lansweeper.