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Engaged Sweeper II
Hello Team,
I want to Know if there is any way to monitor the license compliance in my company.

The ideal state is that:
I insert in Lansweeper the maximum number of available licence for each software, and Lansweeper advise me when this maximum number is exceeded.

Honored Sweeper II
Thanks for that. All this time I've been manually selecting from the list of installed versions.

You learn something new every day.
Champion Sweeper III
Hi RC62N,

You can use wildcards (%) when you add software under 'Edit Purchased Licenses'.
So in your particular case you could add as Software: '$usefultool%' and version '%' (omit the quotes).
This way, you don't need to worry about new versions, or not-normalized software names.
Honored Sweeper II
To a degree, but it takes a little babysitting.

Use Software > Edit Purchased Licenses to create & maintain the list of software you want to keep tabs on.

Once you've got your list established, you can monitor your license compliance through Software > License Compliance.

The babysitting comes in the need to periodically add to the lists as new versions of the software are released. E.g. I have an entry for $usefultool. I've defined which software (title + version) is to be counted against the total so "$usefultool v18.0.0", "$usefultool v18.0.1", "$usefultool v18.0.2", etc. all count against my $usefultool total. When v18.1.0 was released, I had to edit the list to add that to keep my totals current. When v18.1.1 is released, I'll need to edit the list to add that. Lather, rinse, repeat.