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Champion Sweeper
I think some of my clients have goblins or something.

I started tracking down some of the computers on the bad RPC list today. Two of them both have history of scans but both stopped. One two months ago and the other three months ago. I tried using remote desktop and it wouldn't connect. I called the user and ran them threw everything I could think of and no luck. I then found out I could not even ping the desktop, the user however has access to network servers and e-mail and is just peachy on his end.

I should point out that these two computers are in different departments and are not special in the least. Other than being Windows XP and some core software, they do not have anything special on either of them.

This is not a Lansweeper problem, that’s why it is on General chat. So anyone have any ideas on what the problem may be? I still have 40 more computers to look at and afraid how many more I might come across.
Engaged Sweeper II
A few things to try on the computer

1. Enable ping
netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 ENABLE
2. Enable file sharing (change SUBNET if not on same subnet)
netsh firewall set service FILEANDPRINT ENABLE SUBNET
3. Enable remote admin (change SUBNET if nto on same subnet)
netsh firewall set service REMOTEADMIN ENABLE SUBNET

Have you got any icmp settings set on your router which could be blocking this?