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Engaged Sweeper
Hey guys,

I am moving away from scanning devices with SNMPv1 community strings.

I've setup snmpv3 users and the appropriate access on several switches. However, I cannot get Lansweeper to add them.

I have added the snvmp3 credentials to the IP range. They are listed first.

I have used the device tester and confirmed that the credentials are correct. It is able to list the device information, uptime and more.

However, lansweeper itself detects the device as a Linux assset and will only attempt to use HTTPS and SSH to access it. I can see the failed logins on the device to that effect.

It does not attempt to connect to the device using SNMPv3.

SNMP should be working, as it does poll over SNMPv1 on other devices.

Anything I am missing?


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Presumably, the switches have an open SSH port which Lansweeper is trying to use. Best thing to do is create a IP Range scanning target for the switches and make sure that 'No SSH' is checked as seen below.

That way Lansweeper will skip trying to do an SSH scan and continue to SNMP.

no ssh checkbox