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Engaged Sweeper II

I have created an Office 365 connector in Scanning Methods with my Office 365 username and my password, however when the scan is run the error message "Unable to login using credentials for '...'"

I am 100% sure I'm using the correct 365 username and password (I use it all the time), and I am an Office 365 administrator.

Any ideas why it isn't working?

Engaged Sweeper
What I just did (and worked) is:
Create an exclusive user for this and assign the GLOBAL READER role.
Create a group "MFA-disabled" (or the name you want) and assign that user to this group.
Go to AzureAD, Security, Conditional Access and create (if it doesn't exist) a policy to enforce MFA across your domain AND apply EXCEPTION to keep MFA disabled for members of this group.

Works like a charm!!
And this way you don't use a full GLOBAL ADMIN account in this

P.S.: MFA is extremely important to keep your O365 security tight. Use this exception as a last resort, more likely for apps or services not compatible with MFA. Definitely, NOT RECOMENDED to enable a user to not use MFA. If you do that, you'll be ENABLING a security flaw. The chain always breaks on the weakest link!

If a user needs an app or service not compatible with MFA, you can create an APP PASSWORD for that user, just for that app/service. This is better than disable MFA completely for a user.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

The Office 365 account submitted as scanning credential in Lansweeper may not have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled.

I believe you will have to create a user used for scanning the O365 environment which does not have MFA enabled.
Engaged Sweeper II
Sorry, replying to my own question - but could this be caused by 2FA which have been set up on our 365 admin accounts? If this is the case, is there a way to get this working without removing 2FA?

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