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Engaged Sweeper
So I am trying to get Office 365 setup in our trial to ensure this all works for what we need (auditor's requirements, etc). I really need to track BYOD for email access, etc.

I have created various service accounts in the past..disabled MFA (for applications like Barracuda ESS, etc) and the service accounts work great.

With Lansweeper, I did the same. Create on on site AD account. Syncs via Azure AD to the cloud..I give it admin access.

Now, we use Duo for MFA on Office 365. The way it works if you go to outlook.office.com and enter your email address, it then reroutes to our Duo Access Gateway, you put in your username and pass (and then mfa if forced too) and be on your way.

Service accounts work the same way, - land on the Duo access gateway but dont get prompted for MFA.

I have basic auth enabled for this account, and MFA turned off.

Lansweeper is getting stuck on something, so I am guessing it cant get past our Duo gateway?

I found this in the error logs after I turned on debugging.

2020-08-20 13:30:08,012 [6] INFO LOGOFFICE365SCANNING DEBUG ScanningJob: Trigger Office 365 scanning
2020-08-20 13:30:08,824 [6] INFO LOGOFFICE365SCANNING DEBUG Office 365 - Using credential 'Office 365'.
2020-08-20 13:30:09,871 [6] INFO LOGOFFICE365SCANNING DEBUG Office 365 - Authentication error: One or more errors occurred.: missing_federation_metadata_url: Federation Metadata Url is missing for federated user. This user type is unsupported.
2020-08-20 13:30:09,887 [6] INFO LOGOFFICE365SCANNING DEBUG Office 365 - No organization found.
2020-08-20 13:30:09,996 [6] INFO LOGOFFICE365SCANNING DEBUG ScanningJob: Ended Office 365 scanning

So I am guessing I am right, that it just does not know how to get through it and I dont think I really can get around this.

I tried Intune scanning as this would be the preferred method,but keep getting "no valid credentials found" or else I would go this route. Support told me to check everything, yet it is all correct.