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Engaged Sweeper


I have setup SSO with our Azure platform using OIDC - sadly I did this before finding out that adding verifying the domain is irreversible - (that warning needs to be at the top!!), so I cannot change to SAML.

I have set the token email_verified to true as per the documentation. In order to get a successful connection test, I have also had to change "acceptmappedclaims" from null to true in the app registration manifest.

Connection can be tested successfully, but when a user tries to login, it asks them to create a new site, rather than connecting to the existing one.

Any thoughts?


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

We would recommend reaching out to tech support to look into your SSO issues:

If you want to change to SAML, we might be able to sort something out with our developers, it's not a fast process but it isn't totally impossible either.