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Engaged Sweeper III

We are having issues with some remote assets not showing up from LsAgent. I'm trying to narrow down what the reason could be, but had some questions regarding when LsAgent actually scans and sends information from a laptop.

  1. Does LsAgent run as soon as the user logs into the computer? It says LsAgent runs every 4 hours, but when in that 4 hour period does it actually initially run?
  2. What is the best way to narrow down LsAgent laptops that are giving issues? We use Intune + Lansweeper for asset setup/tracking and Intune vs Lansweeper last scanned/active are not even close to matching.
  3. If on the network, will LsAgent not scan as it's on the Asset Radar scan? We have some assets whose last LsAgent scan was in January, but they're on site working since then and last scan is showing todays date.

The problem is likely with laptops that are not using the VPN when on a public/private network or connected to a company network. We get Asset Radar assets to show up just fine. We do not (or at least I do not) have access to the LsAgent logs from remote computers without first finding which asset is not reporting, contacting the user to set up a remote session, and then manually grabbing the logs. This would take some time seeing how it's around 400 assets not reporting based upon our employee count vs what's reporting in Lansweeper as actively scanned.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

LsAgent runs based on the configured schedule, and it starts to count from the moment it first run. For example, if the computer has been off for for 10 hours, the last LSAgent scan was 1 hour before shutdown, and it is configured to run every 4 hours, the next scan will be 1 hour after start up.

For troubleshooting the other LsAgent issues, we recommend opening a support case with our Support engineers, that kind of troubleshooting usually requires sharing logs.

How to contact support?

Make sure to add screenshots and the GatherLogs output file so our SME's can start investigating the issue straight away. 

Using the GatherLogs tool.

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