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Closed ticket showing up as open

We are new to Lansweeper. - When I close this ticket. I see the following error in the ticket:___________________________________________________________________System 04/30/2018 13:03 An error occurred when trying to mail the previous note.The f...

RalphM by Engaged Sweeper
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lansweepersetup.exe silent-install

Currently there is a built-in installer in the Software Deployment-functionality, for upgrading Lansweeper silently on remote servers. When checking the command for doing this, you can see some flags after lansweepersetup.exe (/notools, etc) . I w...

DCS007 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Audit History

Does Lansweeper log changes made to assets? i.e. If a change is made to an asset location, is it logged? I have a requirement to track asset movement within the organization. This could be accomplished if Lansweeper is logging the change on the asset...

gngriffis by Engaged Sweeper
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lspush.exe with Files.tsv not working?

I have a software deployment configuration set up to deploy after scanning assets in a report. The report is a list of computers without a specific file in a specific location. I can view the report and it is correct.If I rescan one of the assets on ...

Missing Scan Data Quickfix

Hi,Sorry if this question was asked before. However I have created a report that checks for specific MS patches. After scanning a 2012 R2 server the patches are not being picked up by the scan, only some of them. See attached image. Items in grey do ...

ajacinth by Engaged Sweeper
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Wrong email address causes huge headaches

Greetings,We've run across a problem for the past month or so that we've tried to troubleshoot (mainly by creating filters in the email configuration page that didn't work). So, occasionally, someone will fat-finger an email address in AD or users wi...

brigmill by Engaged Sweeper III
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Windows Lockout

Is it possible to watch the Event Log on Domain controllers for a specific Event ID "4740" and when it happens lansweeper notifies or creates a ticket?

sleague by Engaged Sweeper II
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DNS & Access for Users

Hi everyone,I'm looking for some help getting DNS to work with the Lansweeper helpdesk. I want to make a DNS entry to point "helpdesk" to the main dashboard page for users. I'm really struggling and it doesn't seem to want to work. I tried making an ...

walker164 by Engaged Sweeper II
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