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Engaged Sweeper

I would like to have two instances of Lansweeper under the same license. 

I have a small division of my company that I want to keep in a separate Lansweeper database/ instance. I have plenty of available assets on my primary Lansweeper license. is this possible to do? setup a new Lansweeper instance and use my primary license on the 2nd server?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

Depending on the license type, you can apply the same license on multiple installations:


But as @Mister_Nobody already pointed out, we have always allowed customers to use their production license on a test installation as well.

Champion Sweeper III

You have to read EULA for explanation.

Also you can  "deploy a second Lansweeper Installation only for testing purposes and to evaluate new releases"

Champion Sweeper III

I think you can use 1 License for 1 LS-database with multiple scan-servers.

If you separate database you need 1 license per each LS-database.

Can confirm. Single License here with Multiple Scan-Servers using Single SQL DB.