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Engaged Sweeper
Is there a report I can run on LanSweeper to display all the FileShares on the network along with their NTFS permissions? I wish to identify any/all Open Shares on the network.

I came across an older post which seemed to look for a similar report but at the time (circa 2015) LanSweeper was not capable of identifying the NTFS permissions.

Grateful for any assistance with this.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Hi OpenSharesQuestion

When Lansweeper scans a Windows machine, it records the shared folders on that machine and the user permissions that were granted to these folders.

There are a few built-in reports available if you search on shares in the report tab of the web console. I'd recommend checking if these reports show the results that you are after.

Editing and saving one of these reports as a different report will allow you to tweak it further to better suit your needs