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PowerShell - Top 10 Memory Hogs

I needed a quick way to get the top 10 Memory Hogs on a PC. This Command will open up Powershell on your computer and show you the top 10 Memory Hogs on the Remote PC. It pauses at the end to keep the Window Open.powershell.exe Invoke-Command -Comput...

File Scanning

I use file scanning to see when a program was last accessed, for example %programfiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16\winword.exeEven though i use the software every day, the result of "lastaccess" is in the past: 05/02/2020The Clients are scanned e...

Horst by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom Widget

Is there a widget already created that is similar to the OS widget, but shows browser types and amount of assets that have each?

Lansweeper scanning windows account

I want to create a service account for scanning desktops that is only used for that purpose. I'd prefer not to use an account that is domain administrator. Is there a way to limit the security permissions of the account? I'd like to have just the spe...

Scanning Network Switches

Hello everyone,I am unable to scan for network switches. I have tried with the Lansweeper Device Tester and the SNMP scans just fine however, when I scan for switches it doesn't find anything. I have also tried scanning by IP range and it doesn't fin...

SPedraza by Engaged Sweeper
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emailing subscriber

We noticed that when I set another agent in our IT department as a subscriber to a ticket that I am the primary agent that they do not get the initial ticket emailed when I create the ticket. However, if I add a new message to the ticket, they get th...

rallen by Engaged Sweeper II
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