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Engaged Sweeper
Hey guys,

Just for clarity: i can answer a user question in Lansweeper by email, right?
So i receive a ticket from In turn i type an answer from Lansweeper helpdesk, and the answer is send to

(I work with Manageengine Servicedesk Ondemand currently).

With kind regards,
Engaged Sweeper
I've been configuring Helpdesk for our school district today and yes, that seems to be how it works. However, that seems to be as far as the conversation can go unless the User were to sign in to the Helpdesk portal. Further user replies from their e-mail are not added to the ticket conversation.

Does anyone know if there is a way to configure Helpdesk so that an Agent can communicate to the user from within Helpdesk (user gets an e-mail) and so that the User can reply via that e-mail thread and have their responses appear in the ticket?