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What do you use for remote support?

We currently have several hundred users that work remotely. They are either in their homes or in clients homes while working. We have found Lansweepers remote control works great for computers that are in one of our facilities but not for these rem...

dledger by Engaged Sweeper III
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Auto Assign Agent on First Email Response

I am migrating our helpdesk service from Spiceworks to Lansweeper. One feature we use all the time in Spiceworks is the auto assignment of a ticket to the first agent who responds to the ticket via email.In Lansweeper I have enabled the auto assign f...

assets displayed 2 times with same ipadres

When a new subnet is made i do the following: add to scanning targets-ipscanning in Lansweeper to scanning targets and also the same subnet to Configuration ip locations so that a subnet name is attached.When is search a specific ipadres it mostly di...

cstoop by Engaged Sweeper
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Use custom fields multiple times

How can I use custom fields multiple times in the same form?In a onboarding ticket I wanna use 'expiration date' as required field when the contact is limited or the employee is external (e.g. consultants).

codde by Engaged Sweeper II
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Contact external mail / helpdesk

How can I add a person or external hotline in the communication in a ticket?I mean how can I request e.g. the manager for approval or raise a ticket in a partner portal via send them a mail?

codde by Engaged Sweeper II
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Audit Log for Lansweeper Users

Is there any way to log user actions while they are in Lansweeper? I need to document how the system is being used and I need to show when a help desk tech connected to a user's PC.

malbanese1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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