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Engaged Sweeper III
Hi there,

I have a some kind specific problem, maybe only few people have. I want LanSweeper not to scan our IP phones because I have no use for this data and it only cost licenses in LanSweeper. There is no information provided by these phones, that help me in any kind, nor is it possible to provide more information by the phones to have more options to filter out - and that is my problem: I only see devices of type "webserver" that are beginning with "snom" in it´s name.

I already excluded VoIP devices from scanning but that does not help as they get recognized as "webserver".

Is there a way (maybe somehow by SQL syntax in the input field) to have assets beeing prevented to be scanned by parts of the name only? Something like "Snom%" or something similar?

BR, Jochen
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
The only real solution is to exclude their IP addresses from being scanned. Excluding asset types only excludes them from rescanning so to speak since the asset type is only known after an initial scan.