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Engaged Sweeper

We have a multi-domain trusted environment with 4 domains as shown below:

- Domain A (Workstations and Servers)
- Domain B (Workstations and Servers)
- Domain C (Servers)
- Domain D (Servers)

We have a LanSweeper service account created under each domain that is a domain admin in every workstation and server in each domain. When trying to push packages, I only get it to work with domain A but domain B fails even when using domain admin credentials for domain B account. The error I get is: "A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated." The account does exist and it is local admin in the machine and part of the domain. The equivalent account for domain A works on machines under domain A. Is there anything special to do in a multi-domain environment?

Honored Sweeper
We had a similar issue here, while the domains were trusted etc, we had issues with deployments over on the other domain.

We built the laptops here on Domain A, so it was only applications that were specific to Domain B that need to be deployed were kept on a file server on the same domain.

The main thing is credentials are the issues.

What I have currently set up now though is on our file server (package share - we use a different location vs Lansweeper Server), we have a local user account called lsscan which has full access to that package share location and then deploy using a domain admin account used for just Lansweeper.

Since that setup we haven't really had any issues with cross domain deployments.

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