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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi, I'd like to use the 'Assets: Uptime since last reboot' report to get a list of computers that haven't been rebooted recently so that i can target them for remote reboots to get Windows Updates installed etc.

However, the Uptime against some computers seems to be incorrect - for example there are some systems that are rebooted every day that are displaying as last rebooted a long time ago - the highest is 233 days. I've physically rebooted some of the computers myself and then rescanned them, and they still show up with the same uptime following the scan. There's nothing consistent with the computers having this problem. Around 2/3 of our assets seem to be OK, but 1/3 of them are showing uptimes that are wrong.

Please could anybody let me know if they have any ideas on this? We're running version

Honored Sweeper
Look at Windows 10 Fast Boot.

It puts the machine into a sleep hybrid mode etc, so the machine doesn't actually shut down, hence the reporting time is correct by Lansweeper.

On one of the machines.
Run "shutdown -r -f -t 0"

This will do a forced shutdown (restart) and you will see the time report connect when you re-scan the assets.

The fix is either remove the fast boot option, which we have done for Surface Tablets as they cause issues reguarly if not rebooted / shutdown.