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Engaged Sweeper III
Can someone explain how LS knows an asset is unique?

I'm asking because I'm trying to make a discovered asset with LSAgent installed (macOS) to use a manually created entry (asset).

Basically, I received a new MacBook and manually created an asset using its Serial, Name, Manufacturer and Asset Type. I also set its state to Stock, as no one was using it yet.

My idea was, when LSAgent is installed, it would match the Serial and/or the Name and update the asset I manually created. But instead, it created a new asset, which leaves me with 2 assets with the same Name and Serial.

That said, is there a way I can create assets in advance and, when they connect to the LS Server for the first time, it updates the same asset I have already created manually?

Engaged Sweeper III
Thanks for the link Charles.

So, for the MacBook, it is indeed using the MAC address.
Is there a way to review that in the future? Maybe using the NetBios domain and computer name just like the Windows assets (at least in my case, the MacBooks are members of the domain) or even the Serial # (they all have it and it's unique as well)?
In my opinion, using the Serial # would be ideal for the case I mentioned above, where I'm manually creating an asset with the only information I have prior to turn it on, configure and deliver to the user: the Serial #.

Also, can you confirm if I correct understood the information below? By reading it my understanding is that it doesn't matter if an iMac will connect through the WLAN or Ethernet (different MAC and IPs), LS will not duplicate them, right?

If a non-Windows device has multiple MAC addresses, Lansweeper picks one MAC as the unique key. All MAC addresses are expected to be unique however.

As for you question:
Did both have the same MAC address? They should be merged based on MAC address.

No, the asset created manually didn't have the MAC information, as I never turned it on, so I couldn't get it.

Thanks again!
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
This article covers most of it:

Did both have the same MAC address? They should be merged based on MAC address.
Engaged Sweeper III
Another information:
The Asset: Duplicate Serial Number report shows 0