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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all

Is there a way to remove the ads that keep popping up at the bottom of the window?

They are just irrelevant for my team and are a hinderance as every time you start Lansweeper you need to close them. And I would think that most people that use Lansweeper will not have any admin access so ads mean nothing. I would think this will be the same for a lot of users of the product.
There has to be a way to opted out.

We pay for the product and I don't se why the need to keep running ads.

Honored Sweeper
What ads are you getting, can you post an example eg screenshot?

As mentioned it is possible to turn them off which is what we did for most.

I am seeing no ads in my instance, only the notification I have allowed.
Engaged Sweeper
Still getting ads at the bottom of the screen. There has to be an easy way to disable it. We pay for the software why do we need ads?
Its not notifications its ads for your software.

So frustrating for helpdesk and it means nothing to up. This is bad marketing. Every time you open the page you get an ad.
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Notifications can be switched off under Configuration\In-app notifications.
Only Lansweeper Essentials can't be hidden.