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Engaged Sweeper

I am trying to set up Squid as a reverse proxy for our LSAgents outside the office to avoid exposing the Lansweeper port directly and add some security.

I have a simple squid.conf (adapted from a similar set up so I know it works) but for some reason the incoming LSAgent connection fails after 20secs:

2022-04-20 13:53:54,786 [WARN ] : Connection to url http://unresolvable.url:9524/lsagent failed
2022-04-20 13:54:14,796 [INFO ] : Url Check with address failed. Endpoint with address 'http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9524/lsagent' was not reachable: The operation has timed out.
2022-04-20 13:54:14,796 [WARN ] : Connection to url http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9524/lsagent failed

Does anyone have an experience with using squid and Lansweeper? Perhaps Apache might work better?

If I use 'redir' to simply redirect the TCP port then it works fine but this offers no security.

My squid.conf is here (note squid connects back down a reverse SSH tunnel - hence port 9595):

cache deny all
http_port 9524 accel defaultsite=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX vhost
cache_peer parent 9595 0 default no-query originserver name=lansweeperserver

acl our_site url_regex -i lsagent

http_access allow our_site
cache_peer_access lansweeperserver allow our_site
cache_peer_access lansweeperserver deny all



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