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Engaged Sweeper
hello guys,

I want to ask you if it is possible to make the software update / installation process automatic. I'll explain: I have for example 100 PCs with Adobe Reader (ex. version 2) installed and I want to update all clients with the new version (I have already created the distribution) so, I want to create a group and enter all the clients that will have to receive the updated distribution (as happens on SCCM Manager).
Actually the problem is that if I launch the distribution and 30 clients are offline, the clients do not receive the update, but only if I start the process again.

can you help me?

Champion Sweeper III
In that case, creating an Asset Group specifically for the software install would probably be best. You can add/remove the assets you need, and the deployment task can deploy to just that Asset Group.
Engaged Sweeper
Hello KevinA-REJIS

thank you for your answer. but i would like deploy the software only for example on 30pcs. if i create a report with all pc's witch haven't the software installed i deploy on about 700 clients

what i want do it's this:
1)the user ask me the installation of the software
2)go on my LS
3)put the name of the client into the group
4)and Ls deploy automatically deploy the software
Champion Sweeper III
What I've done is to create a report of assets that do not have the software installed, then created a deployment that runs off that report, and set it to deploy after a scan.

There have been a couple instances where the deployment fails, but since the asset is still on the report Lansweeper keeps trying, so you should keep an eye on your deployment logs.