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Engaged Sweeper


I have a case I want to share. Within the vulnerability dashboard, in the top 50 computers with higher risks, I took some computers to review why they had so many vulnerabilities, a case with 2230, and reviewing the list of affected software, and within the option of risk insights that I have once inside the asset, I notice that many vulnerabilities are identified with Chrome 1.0.

I ask the user for his computer and checking I see that he has the latest version of Google Chrome, so I do not understand why I have these vulnerabilities in his computer.

In the software list of the computer, I see that he has 3 Google Chrome installed, one in version 1.0, another in a version of a few months ago and the last one in the latest version.

Is it a false positive? Because there are many vulnerabilities associated with Google Chrome 1.0 and I can't find a way to update it.

Thanks, Pablo

Engaged Sweeper

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your response.

Ok, I contact the support team to get assist. 



Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support



Once you have determined false positives, you can ignore them by clicking the ignore button on top of your screen. 
If you need assistance in identifying this is a false positive, our tech support team should be able to assist you with this. 


How to contact support?

Make sure to add screenshots and the GatherLogs output file so our SME's can start investigating the issue straight away. 

Using the GatherLogs tool.