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CMDB questions last logged on vs owner

Is it possible to change the data to show the user who logged on most in within the last 5 logons on vs last logged on user. We are trying to dial in a report to show the owner vs last logged on user, as you might have a teammate or IT person log onc...

rickbell by Engaged Sweeper
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Missing Descriptions

Why is my descriptions missing for all my assets? For example All of my workstations have a description in AD but I do not see any of them in any report.

Office 365 User Photos

I'm setting up my second ever instance of LANSweeper and have come across a peculiar issue. Users are imported from Office 365 just fine but the user photos seems to be missing. I remember from my last setup that they imported just fine. Is there ...

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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Chrome OS Scanning Credential Issue

Started implementing new fall features recently and ran into some issues when attempting to get Lansweeper to scan Chrome OS. I followed Lansweepers document on creating the service account and configuring it yet I am still getting and error "No vali...

TPM scanning

Hey all, I need some help setting up my LanSweeper to scan for TPM chips onboard PC's. We do integrations and one of our due diligence steps is to go onsite and perform a full LanSweeper scan before we schedule the network cutover. One of our minimum...

gene by Engaged Sweeper
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Bulk AssetLock set

Looking at a report, it looks like we have over 1000 devices with their assettypelock set to True. Is there a way to bulk set them to false or do I need to go to each device individually?

tcooper by Engaged Sweeper III
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Hi Guys,Thank you for providing information on the Intel Plundervolt Vulnerability Report. I ran the scan on our systems and found some vulnerable processors as I expect most organizations will also have.Reading more information on the site you link ...

rader by Champion Sweeper III
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MSI Package

Hello everybody,I have to distribute the client vpn "global protect" passing the parameter to set the site. I tried to launch the package from a local .bat and the parameter string installs it correctly. Creating the package from LS and launching it ...

Stema by Engaged Sweeper
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