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Engaged Sweeper
Hello All

I have a new install of Lansweeper into a Windows Server 2019 Std with 3 different lan cards .
Every lan card is connected to a different subnet
192.168.0.x/192.168.1.x - Lan 4
192.168.5.x - Vswitch 1 - Lan 1
192.168.6.x - Vswitch 2 - Lan 2

From the command line I can ping every network by using manual means , or using a program like advance ip scanner

Lansweeper detected the different subnets after the installation process and setup them correctly ,
BUT when the scanning happens , the assets that are discovered are only from the first subnet 192.168.0.x and not from the others .

Has anybody dealt with a situation like that ?

I am on the Trial license (Unlimited assets) still as this install was created the day before yesterday.