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Engaged Sweeper II
So when a user logs in, it chooses one of the two domain controllers.
The information for "UserLastLogon" is updated on one of the domain controllers, but not both.

Can Lansweeper scan both of them and choose the greatest value?
Or has anyone know of a work around for this?

My user on DomainController1 has a login date of 3/9/2021 while DomainController2 has 2/26/2021.
And Lansweeper reports that user last login is 2/26/2021.

Even though I am scanning BOTH domain controllers and active directorys.
Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks for the reply back.
After re-adding them to the scan, it seems that the most are up to date. But I have one that I know is bad. The information in the DC and DC2 says "Last logon: 03/10/2021 21:32:44 (GMT)" which is correct. Even in LanSweeper, under the user profile, it has the correct time and date. But when I run any report against it, it returns a 2/26 date for the one user while all my other users are fine.

Select Top 1000000 A.Username, A.logontime
From tblCPlogoninfo A Inner Join (Select b.Username,
Max(b.logontime) As logontime
From tblCPlogoninfo As b
Group By b.Username) As B On A.Username = B.Username And
A.logontime = B.logontime

It seems that the Last Logon found within the User is different than this logon to a PC.

I am looking for the Last Logon under the User, then click Under the Audit tab. There it lists "State, Last Logon, Password Last set, password required, password never expires, password expiration date and password changeable"
This is the Last Logon that I want to report on.
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper will always scan all domain controllers that can be found in the network you are scanning. You can set up a preferred DC, but that is mostly for performance reasons.
If your DC's synchronize correctly, the latest login date should be picked up. It could be also that one of your DC's is not accessible and if they don't synchronize you could have an outdated login.

If any doubt please send a mail to and send your errorlog.txt. DC-related errors are normally logged in there.