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Engaged Sweeper
Is it possible to automatically set the value of a custom field based on properties of an asset? For example, I have a dropdown custom field I created with multiple possible values. I manually set the assets I needed to, but going forward would like to be able to do something like: all new assets running Windows Server 2019, set to value 1 of the custom field dropdown, or all new assets that are printers, set to value 2 of the custom field dropdown. Just something so that I don't have to manually check for new assets and set this custom field (think of it like a dynamic group I guess, but with a custom field).

Engaged Sweeper
Ah ok, that's too bad. Thank you for the workflow idea though!
Champion Sweeper III
Nope. Only way this would work is running a custom SQL query that checks eg. hourly for new assets and set the corresponding value in the custom field.
The way I do it is using a custom report (show me all new devices/computers that don't have custom field 'x' completed) and publish this report on the first Dashboard.
Every morning I start work and open Lansweeper, I see the new assets (also reported by mail btw) and complete the missing fields.