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Engaged Sweeper
We've uninstalled software on domain computers and the software uninstalled is no longer present in Program's and Features.

Now when we scan the computers with Lansweeper it still shows the uninstalled software as "Installed". Now we've pinged, checked and used all kinds of tests and it all works out.

Thank you for your time.
Engaged Sweeper
Hello and thanks for your response,

This is indeed a solution if that were the problem, the thing is the software uninstalled has been completely wiped out of the registry (Uninstall and Install reg keys) and there is literally no trace of it anymore.

Now we've used LSPush manually on the computers and now it does give us information saying it uninstalled the software, leading us to believe its a server issue where Lansweeper is installed on.

What we have noticed with the Connectiontester is that RPC (135) is not open, what we have:
- We have no firewall enabled on the servers and client computers.
- The ports however have been added on both Server and Client (135 RPC/DCOM) because Webroot (our antivirus/firewall) uses that information to open those ports.
- RPC services are enabled.
- WMI does not want to give us any information (RPC unavailable)

We're currently baffled by the "thing" that causes this issue, and are still investigating it on help forums/search engines (WMI and RPC). If you have any insight into this problem please do respond.

Again, thanks for your time.

With kind regards,
Sunny Jansen

The problem has been discovered, after crosschecking devices that did have access and those that didnt some services related to WMI and COM+/DCOM enabled/automatic. Also crosschecked firewall, apparently you also have to add port 135 in Outbound (client computer).
Champion Sweeper III
Software that is scanned and shown for assets mimics Add/Remove Programs (Programs & Features) on the client machine itself. To get the software information Lansweeper will scan the machines registry and grab information for any installed software. If the software has been uninstalled but is still appearing in Lansweeper when being rescanned after the software was uninstalled then we recommend that you:
  • Check that the software is no longer listed in Add/Remove Programs
  • If the software is not listed in Add/Remove Programs then there may still be information of the software being installed in the registry which is what Lansweeper scans