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Resolved! Can I disable TLS 1.2 in Lansweeper?

I have a cyber request to disable TLS 1.2 on my Lansweeper server. Reading within the forums, it appears that TLS 1.2 is a requirement for the LsAgent to work as intended and TLS 1.2 must be enabled.  Without affecting the functionality negatively of...

Resolved! Prevent Deletion of Shared Dashboard Tab with On prem LS

Hello to all you LS admins out there. long time LS admin but first time posting. I have been stumped on a new issue that popped up for me, shared dashboard tabs get deleted by accident occasionally, usually by a new hire to the team. Is there a way t...

D3cyfer by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Helpdesk custom fields being sent in email to user

Hello  - We use the helpdesk via email only.  We have setup custom fields for us to enter on new hire type tickets.  Things like computer name assigned, email assigned, phone number, ect.   We want to communicate these things as we fill them out  bac...

POPA by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Helpdesk User get's added as CC for every Ticket

Hey there,unfortunately all of the sudden our Helpdesk User get's added as a CC User for every Ticket which is quite annoying.Is there any way to filter this out or something?Like, when I write a Mail to Helpdesk without anyone in CC, it creates a Ti...

Manually adding assets

Hey Guys,  If we manually add an asset (laptop) to Lansweeper before it is powered on and prior to agent being installed and say add a custom state e.g Offline Stock... once that laptop is then powered on and the agent is connected would the status a...

Ashman24 by Engaged Sweeper
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QR Code scanning for Lansweeper Cloud.

Greetings, I am trying to generate QR codes that can be scanned via a iOS/Android device which will open up the Lansweeper Cloud asset page. I can't seem to find a way to generate a QR code in the Cloud portal like you can in the on-prem version.  As...

harrisa by Engaged Sweeper
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Mixing Domain and IP Range Scans

Hi - i'm just finishing up a large enterprise Lansweeper deployment with about 40k windows assets and about 100k assets total. Due to the sheer size of the implementation, we have split scanning across 9 Lansweeper Scanning servers, each is configure...

Jabez_ by Engaged Sweeper
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