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Engaged Sweeper II
I'm just starting to look at the Helpdesk app. Seems by default all tickets are assigned to the ticket creator.
How are tickets manually assigned or reassigned?
How do I see ALL tickets? I currently see only a tab named My Tickets.

Is there documentation for the Helpdesk operation?

Are there any canned (default/preexisting) reports for the Helpdesk? Which leads to which tables are used for the Helpdesk records?

Engaged Sweeper II
This issue seemed to resolve itself once I completely logged out of Lansweeper, closed the browser window and opened it again.

Champion Sweeper III
If you're an active agent (the 'Active' checkbox is checked for your user on the Configuration -> User Access & Roles page) then you should be able to click the Actions button on top of a tickets page and perform a range of actions.
Engaged Sweeper II
I have the new tickets configured for Unassigned. That is working.
My account has Admin + Agent rights. What I don't see is any way to assign a specific agent to a ticket or to change the Ticket Type from one group to another.

I looked into the introduction document and didn't see how to do this specified. Can someone elaborate?
Champion Sweeper III
You can set on the Configuration -> General Settings page how tickets are assigned (under Auto assign). You can choose to disable this, assign manually, assign to the creator or editor, the default agent (which can be set for ticket types on the Configuration -> Ticket Content page), or use a more advanced routing algorithm. Note that round robin and load balancing currently only work for emailed tickets.

The reason you're seeing 'My ticket' probably means you're currently not an (or an inactive) agent, and thus can only see tickets created by (or for) yourself. For more advanced permissions for tickets you'll have to check the Configuration -> User Access & Roles page.

Indeed as greenangel says, this page may help: http://www.lansweeper.com/kb/175/introduction-to-the-help-desk.html.
Engaged Sweeper II
The tickets are assigned according to your settings under Ticket Content. You create ticket types. If you leave the Default Agent as "None selected" then the ticket is unassigned until someone assigns it. Or you can assign a ticket type to default to a specific agent.

The access/authority given to agents is under User Access & Roles. I saw an explanation somewhere of what the different roles could do, but I can't remember where it is.

The documentation is at http://www.lansweeper.com/kb/175/introduction-to-the-help-desk.html.

I saw on another post that they're working on reports for the Help Desk. They will be released later.