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Engaged Sweeper
I know there is a report that will give me Static IP address for computers, but how would I get static IP's for all devices on the network such as wireless AP's, Printers, Hand-held scanners, etc?
Engaged Sweeper III
One method would be to check your DHCP server's active leases and compare that to an IP address report from Lansweeper.

Or move your DHCP pool and see which machines change to the new range.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Static IP configuration is not scanned for network devices. If all your network device already have a static IP address, than you can just create a report with all the network devices and their IP address.

If you are looking to determine which device are using a static IP address and which ones are dynamic, unfortunately it won't be possible. This information is only scanned from Windows assets.