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Problem: Preferred domain controller

In our Lansweeper installation we have configured the preferred domain controller. This configuration works well for scanning users but does not work for scanning computers, the scanning service insists on using inaccessible domain controllers.How ca...

cheche by Champion Sweeper
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[API] saving json-output in a file?

Hey there! Is there any way to get the json-output from creating a new ticket as a file?I know web/screen scrapers are a thing, but there must be some soft of output-function, right?I am asking because i want to create a ticket AND edit it afterwards...

SwitchInformation Report

Hello i am using the following report to receive switch related data.Select Top 1000000 SwitchInformation.AssetID, SwitchInformation.icon, SwitchInformation.AssetName, SwitchInformation.Name As Port, tsysIPLocations.IPLocation As VLAN, SwitchInf...

Dave1 by Engaged Sweeper
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Permanently delete assets not working

Permanently delete assets is set to 30 days. It is not deleting the assets. I just updated Lansweeper to see if that's the problem, and ran a scan on a group that I knew haven't been seen in 30 days. How long does it take to come off of the list? ...

tjkalb by Engaged Sweeper II
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NetApp Scanning Issues

Environment:We have a bunch of NetApp vFilers, all on OnTap 7. Originally LANsweeper detected these as Windows machines for unknown reasons - obviously that is incorrect, so I disabled (did not delete) those assets, removed the IP assignment, set up ...

Dynamic Groups creation error.

I get an error trying to create dynamic groups. The "AssetGroupID" column in the table is set as an Identity column and is set to auto-increment, but it appears that the application is trying to insert a value in the column. I sent an e-mail to supp...

szurlo by Engaged Sweeper
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