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Engaged Sweeper II

There something I have noticed in my Lansweeper environment that I can't figure out ... even though my switches (HP and Zyxel) and my Computers are all being scanned successfully. The correlation of the information between PC and the switch/port it is connected to is consistently wrong. Perhaps I can explain what I am seeing in this scenario:-

I have a PC called Host1, and two switches called Switch1 and Switch2.

I scan Host1 and it tells me that it is connected to two ports on Switch1 (port 12 and port 14) ... that can't be correct as the PC only has one physical interface (there is no virtualisation going on here). So I go to Switch1 and rescan it. After successful rescan Switch1 also says that Host1 is connected to ports 12 and 14 but that it is offline (no it isn't because I just scanned Host1). The switch details also say that Host1 was last seen on port12 6 months ago and last seen on port14 3 months ago.. again not correct as I have just scanned Host1. So this is old legacy data being recorded on Switch1. Actually, I know that Host1 has been re-patched to Switch2. So I scan Switch2 and sure enough, it says that Host1 is connected to port 23 and is online, however, Switch2 still says that Host1 was last seen 6 months ago??? ... but at least I have found the switch and port that Host1 is connected to. So now that I have just scanned the Host and both switches, I should be able to go back to Host1 in Lansweeper and see that it now says it is connected to Switch2/port 23 ... but no! Host1 still says it is connected to Switch1 ports 12 and 14.

It seems to me that Lansweeper is holding on to old legacy information about the switch and port that Host1 has been connected to at some time in the past.

We are a school so I am constantly being asked to move PCs around (and staff sometimes move PCs themselves and plug them in to different data points). I really don't care about where my PCs used to be connected. I really do need to know exactly where they are currently connected.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something I can do to make Lansweeper forget old connections and accurately display the current switch and port info for each host?

Lansweeper Alumni
The release that contains this fix is available in pre-release at the moment. It is a large release containing over 240 changes and fixes though so we recommend running it in a test environment prior to updating production. If you want to try out this update, send us a mail at support@lansweeper.com with a reference to this forum post and we'll provide you with a link.
Engaged Sweeper II
Many Thanks for this.

I'll wait and see if this gets fixed in a future release.

BTW. The Switch model I am having a problem with is an HP V1910-48G. I've not looked deeply enough to see if any other model and makes are also experiencing the same problem.

Lansweeper Alumni
There is a known issue in the current Lansweeper version where the interface connection data for certain switch models currently is not updating. This issue has been fixed in a release that is currently in beta.

Do note that it is normal behavior for Lansweeper to display old connection information on switch asset pages for interfaces that have not had a new connection scanned for them. Interfaces show the last connected asset (or MAC address if the connected asset does not have a record in your Lansweeper database).