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Disable Agentless Windows Scanning Alltogether?

Is there a way in which you can disable agent-less windows scanning system wide?Would the option "Ignore Windows" in an IP Scanning target fit this purpose?And what to do with "Active Directory Domain" as a Target, this does not have that option.

jweyts by Engaged Sweeper II
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Powershell module for Lansweeper - Automation

GoodmorningIn my company we are using Lansweeper.I need to to automate some tasks basing on the Lansweeper assets.At its basics, I need to query and filter lansweeper assets and perform some tasks on each filtered asset.Is there any supported way to ...

SubnetJO by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper push to the cloud

Dear All,We see that lansweeper is strongly pushing the cloud platform. We are wondering what will happen with the helpdesk as this is an onpremise only feature.

bbrockx by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Bitlocker keys

Hello,I'm using lansweeper to report bitlocker keys in ad, however it only works if the user have domain admin rights something that i don't pretend!I follow the guide to give lanswepper user local admin on machines and domain user in ad, but with th...

Lansweeper commitment for Helpdesk?

Our company is happy users of Lansweeper, it is very important for us.We also use the Helpdesk parts but we do not see any changes, new features etc. for quite some time, also in the cloud version is totally missing this.So we simply wondering if w...

mecha by Engaged Sweeper II
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