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Engaged Sweeper
Dear support,
We have that problem
The package is deployment with message success, but the program is NOT installed in the computers.

Path: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET
File Name: PaintDotNet.exe

Action: Condition (NotExists)
Action on Success: (install Paint.Net)
Actoin on Failure: (Stop Success)

"{PackageShare}\Installers\Paint.NET\" /AUTO
Lansweeper Alumni
We're not sure if we understood you correctly, but since as you indicate, your action on failure is set to stop(success) your deployment will return as successful regardless of which stops were actually executed.

When troubleshooting deployment packages we recommend testing the command used locally on a target computer under similar circumstances in CMD, any command that works in CMD should work in the deployment module. When testing where possible use the same credentials and network path as used in your deployment package for accurate results.

Due to the variable nature of deployment packages, with the parameters and commands used being entirely at the manufacturer's behest, we unfortunately can only provide limited support in troubleshooting deployment packages.

For more information on our deployment module we recommend reading this section of our knowledgebase.

Edit: this issue is being addressed via email in our helpdesk currently.