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Engaged Sweeper II
Is it possible to rearrange the order of the combobox values within a ticket custom field? Right now they only seem to display in the order they were added.
Engaged Sweeper II
Also, somewhat related to this ordering, I noticed that numerical values are not ordered according to value, but number. For example, Windows 10 comes before Windows 7. I would bet that Windows XP would be below both of them if I had it in my list. Customization would remove this issue of course.
Engaged Sweeper II
Hi Susan,

This is correct, and that's definitely the most logical option. However, reflecting that in the configuration would also be useful, especially for increasingly large lists. Alternatively, having the ability to set more common values near the top would be great. I'm probably just being picky at this point, but I tend to get pretty granular with these items so the additional configuration options would benefit us. I'm still getting familiar with the LANSweeper environment, so I apologize in advance if this functionality already exists.

Lansweeper Alumni
In my own installation, the values appear to be sorted alphabetically by default, which seems the most logical way to sort. I tested this with comboboxes, color comboboxes, multi-select lists and radiobutton lists. If you haven't already, could you update to the latest 6.0 release ( by following these instructions.