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Engaged Sweeper
I set up a new registry scan for a program called Nitro Pro PDF
I'm pretty sure I have everything correct, but it doesn't seem to show up in the licenses report

The key is:

You can see picture of the registry setting in the attached file.
I rescanned, but nothing shows up in my report??

Any advice?
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks. I actually figured it out...

Initially, I had the wrong registry key in the setting (I included "LOCAL_MACHINE". I removed that and re-ran scans but nothing showed up. I then learned that each scanned item has a "scanning interval" and registry is defaulted to 40 days. So the re-scans weren't even technically running. Changed the interval to 0 days and it picked them up

My problem is now it's not finding the Nitro Pro 12 and 13 entries which I thought were the same (just different key)
Champion Sweeper III
Try changing your SerialNumber to Registered. That's what I had to do for my scans.

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