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Champion Sweeper
I upgraded our installation to version about 3 weeks ago. I went from an all in one scan server/web server to dedicated scan and web servers. Someone brought it to my attention that report emails were not coming through. When I look at the configuration page all of the email groups and reports are set up but the "Enable report mailing" box was not checked. No big deal right? Well I can't get the box to stay checked. I have tried IE, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome and it doesn't save the change in any browser.

Today I checked for updates and since I was on the page I tried to check the "Automatically check for updates once a week." box and that will not check for me either.

Any thoughts on why this stopped working? I've looked in the service logs but didn't see anything obvious about email settings.
Champion Sweeper
Followup. Today I noticed that all of the options under Server Options were unchecked. In this case I was able to check the boxes again and the change was retained. Still not able to enable report emailing though.