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Engaged Sweeper III

When I look at my switch ports in LanSweeper, I'll have exact same make/model Wireless APs (Aruba IAP 207) that appear differently in LanSweeper.

One will appear on the Switch port as the asset, and I can click to go to that asset page. Also I can see which other assets are on that switch port, in this case connected wireless to said Access Point. On that asset page, in the network section I can link back to the switch port.

Another access point will appear simply as 'Uplink' and won't link to the asset page. If I manually go to that Access Points page, in the network section I can see IP's and MACs, but it doesn't 'know' which switch port it's plugged into.

I am guessing the problem is caused by the amount of MAC addresses Lansweeper can identify on a single port? And maybe if the amount of MACs gets too high, LanSweeper just displays 'uplink' instead. If that's the case, is there a way to increase the amount of MACs that can show on a single port?
Engaged Sweeper II
AquaGoat wrote:
... If that's the case, is there a way to increase the amount of MACs that can show on a single port?

Yep, under Configuration -> Scanning Setup (on left menu) -> Server Options -> Switch Scanning you can change the number of macs before it changes to uplink.

Engaged Sweeper
Based on my findings X is around 4 addresses. Since I changed from managed to unmanaged APs (so the connected clients are 'directly' connected to the switch) I too experience this problem. Now I have to login to the switch to see which port the AP is connected. Would be nice to have an 'expand' button next to Uplink so we can see the connected MACs AND to create the link between AP and Switch again (that's why I bought Lansweeper mainly, to see my complete network).
Engaged Sweeper III
I found some forum posts with similar questions, and some answers from LanSweeper that seem to indicate:

"If a port has more than X number of assets connected to it, we will no longer display the (MAC addresses of the) assets, but will simply mark the port as an "uplink". The one exception is if the connected asset is a VMware host, in which case we will list all guests regardless of how many there are."

What is the value of 'X'? Is there a way we can change this? Can I add another exception like a Wireless Access Point. It's becoming quite difficult to track our wireless infrastructure with this limitation in LanSweeper...