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Engaged Sweeper
We have just installed and started using Lansweeper. I have used the Lansweeper asset management system for years (although I did not administer the system) but we are new to the Help Desk system. We have setup the initial ticket templates, teams, etc. and have tested. We will use this system by creating tickets from emails.

As we are testing we don't see a way to view/list all or a range of closed tickets. I think we can find them if they belong to the individual agent but how can all of use list or search for closed tickets?
Champion Sweeper III

I've set mine this way. Under Ticket Filters, Status, only check the Closed filter (1), then under Type only select the type for your service tickets. Mine is labeled "IT Support" (2). Save the filter using the floppy icon above the filters (3).

Once that's setup you can now select the saved filtered list (4) and click the search box (5) on the left to search for the information you're looking for.